First Days

Starting at Saffron Walden Nursery School

The first few days

We want your child to feel happy and safe with us. Your child’s key person will work with you to create a settling process tailored to your child. We offer home visits to all of our families where possible, this is a wonderful opportunity for your child’s key person to come to your home and meet you and your child in familiar surroundings. Following this we offer settling sessions, these short sessions are attended by both parent and child, allowing your child the opportunity to get to know our nursery together. Some children have just one settling session, others have more, we adapt according to your child’s needs to ensure they are happy.

Once your child has started they will have their own tray and coat peg. Please hang your child’s coat on the coat peg and check their tray regularly for newsletters and their all important works of art! Lunch boxes go on the trolley outside of the room.

What should I bring on our first day?

  • Rucksack containing a spare set of clothes, comforter (where needed)
  • Pair of wellies
  • Nappies and wipes (where needed)
  • A coat
  • Lunchbox (If staying for lunch session)
  • Any outstanding paperwork


In order to feel free to explore and experiment with all kinds of materials, including messy ones, it is best to send children dressed in clothes that are easily washed and not too new! We also like to encourage independence skills so we recommend easy to use fastenings that they can manage themselves.

We ask that all parents provide a pair of named wellie boots to leave at the nursery.  If your child walks to school in wellies please provide them with a pair of indoor shoes for when they get here.

We operate by the Swedish adage “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” As a nursery we love being outside in all weather.  Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather:

Colder Weather:

Coat, Hat, Scarf, Mittens, Waterproofs (if you have them!), Lots of warm layers.

Hot weather:

Sunhat, Suncream, Loose clothing which where possible covers their shoulders.

We recommend all children are sent to nursery with a spare set of clothes –just in case!


If your child wears nappies, please provide spare nappies in their rucksack and inform your key person of any specific routines you may have. When you decide to toilet-train your child please inform your child’s key person so that we can support this process at nursery.

Snacks and Lunches

Our Nursery makes snack and lunch time a sociable occasion where children and adults sit together. At snack time we provide a drink of milk or water and a healthy snack. Children are encouraged to help with the preparation and putting away. If your child stays for the lunch session we ask that you provide a “healthy” packed lunch. For more information and ideas please see our separate “packed lunch” leaflet.

Drinking water is available throughout the session.

Dropping off and collecting children

In order to ensure the safety of our children we have stringent security procedures in place including passwords and a mannned security door. These procedures are explained in the parent handbook and will be explained in your settling visit with your key person.


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