Management Committee


Saffron Walden Nursery School was first registered as a charity in 1972, and has enjoyed this status ever since.

As a registered charity we have a full constitution which governs how the nursery is operated. A copy of the constitution is available from the nursery office should you require it. The nursery is a non-profit making organisation, we receive no financial support from any public body. The running costs are covered by parental fees and equipment and resources are funded though various fundraising events held and organised by our fundraising committee during the year.



Each year we hold our Annual General Meeting, which is often attended by previous, current and prospective parents and practitioners. During this meeting the existing Management Committee inform those present about what has been happening during the previous year, the Nursery Manager also presents her report from the previous year and plans for the future year. A new Management Committee is elected during this meeting, there may be no less than four and no more than eight members elected. The Management Committee has full power to control the running of the nursery and meets monthly to ensure that the nursery is operating to its best ability.


The Fundraising Team play a vital role in supplying the nursery with equipment and resources for the children who attend. Many fun events are arranged to take place during the year.

If you would like further information on either of these Committees please do not hesitate to ask as they are always seeking new members.

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