Early Years Foundation Stage

At our nursery we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. The Early Years Foundation Stage is a play led curriculum for children from birth to five years of age, and covers seven areas.  Within these areas there are 3 Prime Areas and 4 Specific Areas.  The prime areas are a base in order to be able to cover the other specific areas.

These include:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Prime)
  • Communication & Language (Prime)
  • Physical Development (Prime)
  • Mathematics (Specific)
  • Literacy (Specific)
  • Expressive Arts & Design (Specific)
  • Understanding the World (Specific)

Key Person

Our setting uses the Key Person Approach, this means that each practitioner has a group of children for whom s/he is particularly responsible. Your child’s Key Person will be the person who works with you to ensure we meet your child’s particular needs and interests, they will be your first point of contact. When your child first starts at the nursery s/he will help your child settle and throughout your child’s time with us the Key Person will undertake detailed observations and assessments of your child to ensure that we are providing the very best for your child.


We plan our activities to meet individual child’s needs and interests. In our eyes “each child is unique” and with this in mind we ensure that our planning responds to their needs. We study the ways in which a child engages with other people and their environment (Characteristics of Effective Learning), it is through understanding these traits  that we are able to support learning and development across all areas and support the child to remain an effective and motivated learner.


Your child’s Key Person completes a “Learning Journey” scrapbook, which follows your child through the nursery. This book will contain written observations of your child, photos, pieces of art and the individual child planning that the key person undertakes for your child.

Your child’s key person will also track your child’s progress, completing two written reports per year, these are shared with parents during parents evening.

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